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Four Steps to Starting a Bounce House

The idea of being able to be your own boss is one that is interesting to most people, and for good reason. If you're your own boss you're able to earn a great deal more money for yourself, as all of the profit that you make belongs to no one but you, and you can choose how to spend it, whether to bank the money or to reinvest it in your bounce house business. If you're interested in beginning your own bounce house business, here are the five steps that you will have to take.
Step 1: Checking Yourself
Before you start spending any money for your business, or looking at moonwalk sales websites, it is a very good idea to ensure that you are a person who is going to be able to make a business like this viable. Don't feel bad if you're not someone who is able to build a successful business – not everyone is cut out to do so, and it's better to look deep into yourself to determine if you are a person who can make a business work or not before you spend money at a moonwalk sales site.
Step 2: Planning
Once you've determined that you're someone who will be able to have a successful business, it's time to start planning. What do you need to begin your bounce house business? You'll need to have a bounce house, and some starter business skills, such as knowing how to advertise inexpensively and knowing what your target market is. It is best, of course, to figure out what your target market is before you go to a moonwalk sales website to make your first purchase, so that you can make sure that you purchase the type of bounce house that will rent well in your area.
Step 3: The Purchase
Once you've figured out your target market, it's time to buy your bounce house. Not everyone has the ability to buy two or three houses at once, so don't get discouraged if your finances do not allow you the ability to purchase more than one bounce house. You can still create a successful business with just one house to start with. Make sure, before you purchase your house, that you have found a reputable Moon Walk sales site to purchase from. It's a good idea to thoroughly investigate the site before you make the purchase.
Step 4: Starting the Business
This step is a bit more complex and requires some logistically planning and administrative work.  You will need to check with your local planning/zoning commission and city business planning office for any special permits that are required in your area. The following list are the basics to starting any small business and should be good to get you started.

  • Check with your small business office to determine which licenses and permits you will need to legally operate a bounce house. You might need to register your business with the secretary of state's office or the department of revenue, and you might need to obtain an amusement ride permit.
  • Obtain a liability insurance policy to cover injuries that might occur to children using your bounce houses. Insurance requirements vary by state, but you will typically need a policy with limits of up to $500,000 for injuries to one person and $1 million for injuries to two or more people. 
  • Determine rental rates for your bounce houses. Typically, larger bounce houses allow you to command higher rental rates than smaller bounce houses. You can call other area bounce house business owners or visit websites to determine how much you should charge per hour or day.
  •  Launch a website with images of your bounce houses as well as pricing and contact information. You can include a contact form through a provider such as Aweber, iContact or Constant Contact, which website visitors can use to inquire about bounce house availability
    Place ads for your bounce house rentals in parenting and business magazines, newspapers and free weekly papers. Include your website address so readers can find out more about your bounce houses and schedule rentals.